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Art and Antique Inventory Collection Tracking Software Bundle with File Sharing Utility

Two Great Windows Programs for One Low Price !

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Get organized today with this great software bundle! It’s great for insurance inventory, file sharing and collection tracking.

Data Tracker for Art and Antiques

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Data Tracker for Art and Antiques is a full-featured database system that tracks your antiques and artwork. You can use the software for tracking items for insurance and organizational purposes. You can also easily record the full history of all of the items in your collection. The software incorporates a powerful search engine, a versatile report writer, easy data entry, context sensitive help, full customization, data graphing, an album view, a spreadsheet view, multiple image support and much more. The software also allows you to easily generate full color reports, that include images of your items, great for insurance record keeping. The software is extremely easy to use.


Designed for all types of antiques and art work including paintings, furniture, prints, sculptures, posters, jewelry, drawings and more !.
Very easy to learn and use.
Automatic software install and un-install.
Function Toolbar that appears on the top of every major screen.
Over 20 Customizable Fields that fully describe each item in your collection. As an added bonus you can change fields names and field setup to suit your individual requirements.
Sample data areas include origin, type, artist, condition, location, cost, value, features, serial number, notes, history and more !
Advanced multi-level item categorization system.
Quick and Easy Data Entry with Customizable Pull Down Menus.
Powerful Data Sorting and Filtering.
Multiple Image Support (up to 6 pictures for each record !). All major image types are supported (i.e. bmp, jpg, gif etc.). Easily incorporate pictures from your Digital Camera or Scanner.
HTML Reports (publish your inventory on the web !) and Regular Report Generation with Print Preview.
Full color image reports ideal for insurance record keeping.
Rich text format notes area for each item.
Integrated Windows Help File.
Inventory value and cost tracking (based on data that you enter yourself).
Powerful and Intuitive Search Functions that let you quickly and easily retrieve the data you need.
Multiple Data Views Including Spreadsheet, Photo Album View (allowing you to visually view different items in your inventory side by side) and stunning 3-dimensional Graphs.
Data export features allowing you to transfer data to spreadsheets or other software programs.
Many more features, too numerous to mention here !

System Requirements

256 Meg of RAM
Pentium 300 or faster
5 Meg of Hard Disk Space


Click here to download a free demo

Simply install our software to your Flash Drive or Memory Card and the contents of your drive will be available through any standard web browser.

Easily share pictures, word processing files, home movies and more – using our software, you just need to copy the files you want to publish onto your USB drive or memory card. And unlike sites like Facebook, your information is only available on the web when the software is running and your drive is plugged in, or your memory card is inserted. In fact only people who know your unique URL will be able to access your site. Keep your information, pictures and files private ! Software installs in seconds on almost any Windows XP, VISTA or 7 computer !

Download the free demo and give it a try. The download is completely functional and identical to the CD version. To install the demo, just follow these easy instructions:

(1) Save the download file directly to your USB flash drive or memory card.

(2) Run the download file and install the software. Make sure to install the software to the drive letter of your flash drive, not your C: drive.

(3) Click the Launch Website shortcut on your flash drive or memory card to start the software.

Please note, the contents of your drive are only available on the web when your computer is on and the software is running.

You will probably need to “unblock” the software so it can communicate on the internet. The first time you use the program you, windows should ask for permission to unblock – be sure to say yes. You may freely distribute the above download file.

Quick Tutorial

Select files

Use the select files function to select the files you want to publish (for example jpg, gif, doc etc.).

Enter Site Details

Use “Enter Site Details” to add a name and author for your site.

Site Information

Use “site information” to view the URL for your site. This is the URL you will need to send others. Please note that this URL may change if you do not have a fixed IP address.

Open Site

Use “open site” to make your site available on the web.

View Site

After your site is opened, use “view site” to view your site.

Close Site

Use “close site” to remove your site from the web. The site is also automatically removed when you shut down the software.

Exit Software

Use “Exit software” to exit the program and shut your site down.

Software Screen shots


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Software Testimonials

“Great Program – Best I’ve ever seen in 20 years of searching !” – NR, California
“Your software meets my exact needs” – TL, New Jersey

“Very useful program” – RR, New York

“I would have no problem recommending the program to most of the collectors I know.” – KW, United States

“I have used it for about one day now and for the most part really like both the setup and the way I can customize some of the settings to represent particular aspects of my collection.” – SB, United States

“Easily lets you input information” – KK, Illinois

“We liked your program !” – ES, Sweden

Only $39.95
Buy with confidence