SHAGGY FUR BEANBAG Cover Soft Black Bedroom Plush Bean Bag Lounge Movie Chair

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NEW SHAGGY BLACK FUR BEAN BAG+Liner Plush Soft Bedroom Luxury Lounge Movie Chair

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L U X U R Y  H O M E W A R E S  F R O M  I V O R Y  &  D E E N E

Our Shaggy Fur Beanbag is so Soft and Tactile and Brings a New Luxury Feel to Any Room.
This large shaggy faux fur beanbag in black makes this the softest seat in the house. Ivory & Deene’s luxurious faux fur Cloud Chair bean bag cover offers sink-in comfort. 


Shaggy faux fur pile is woven for realistic beauty and inviting softness

Generously sized: 104cm diameter (41″)

Child-safe locking zipper

Material: Polyester

Brand: Ivory & Deene

Cover: Machine washable

Colour: Black

Requires 2 large bags of beans (approx 15 cubic feet or 200 litres)

Inner mesh liner with zip is included

Please Note: Beans and accessories are not included. The zipper pulls on both the liner and the beanbag have been removed because this is a safety requirement according to Australia Law. They are called child safe locking zipper. Please see the following website for more information:

Only $99.00
Buy with confidence